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Do’s and Don’ts of Shopping Tags on Instagram

Abigail Garland
03 Dec 2020

If you’re a product-selling brand and you’re new to the business profile Instagram set-up, congratulations for making it this far.

Instagram has enhanced its business offering and business platform hugely over the last year or so, delivering innovative concepts which enable us to view analytics, link websites and other profiles, and set up Instagram Shopping – the latest tool to support the marketing and selling of various products to a social media audience.

This short guide to shopping tags is designed to introduce you to the Do’s and Don’ts of Instagram Shopping…

  • DO tag the most prominent products in your photo.
  • DO tag between 3 and 5 products in each wide-scale image. For example, if you are a wellness retreat looking to sell your experience and a series of products, consider the setting as well as the products on show, and tag between 3 and 5 of them.
  • DO use striking and high-quality visuals, particularly on close-ups.
  • DO combine wide-scale photos with single product showcases, for a varied feed. Sometimes customers will want to see and learn more about specific products – sometimes it helps to see different products in situ.
  • DO use hashtags to draw the right audience to your shoppable posts.
  • DO use Instagram stories as a way of introducing products through images and videos.
  • DON’T tag too many products in any one image. Consider how the image will look when the customer clicks to see the shopping tags – if any of the tags overlap, your image becomes confusing and difficult to shop.
  • DON’T clutter your caption with hashtags. Instagram allows for 30 hashtags but this is often far too many and ends up cluttering the post.
  • DON’T use images which don’t do the product justice. If it doesn’t make your products look great, don’t use it.
  • DON’T alienate your audience by only using a very specific type of model or setting.

Still unsure on how Instagram shopping can enhance your social presence? To discuss the benefits and find out how Instagram shopping can help you reach new audiences, get in touch with the Dot Dash Digital team.