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About Dot Dash

Founded in 2017, Dot Dash is a social media management agency, committed to working with and guiding small businesses towards a focussed and effective social media strategy. We’re based in London, however we provide virtual training and full management services to clients and business all over the UK.

Why social media?

Here at Dot Dash, our passion is for all things social. Whether you are looking to advance your use of social media as a tool for advertising, for engagement, for business growth, or for conversion, the way that you post on and use social media is integral to an effective strategy.

From knowing what to post, to understanding and recognising when to post and how to optimise your content for different platforms and different audiences, our expertise lies in helping you to make the best of your business’ social media opportunities.

How does it work?

The best social media strategy is one which represents your business and vision accurately and realistically, in a way which entices your target audience and meets those all-important business goals.

As a social media management agency, our job is to help you uncover how best to use social media to your advantage, through our two main services.

Social media is the modern day answer to ‘word of mouth’ advertising, allowing every user to become an influencer and potential advertiser on behalf of your business.

Through strategic management, content creation and posting, your social media can be transformed from a static profile to an engaging hub of activity, enabling you to not only represent your brand but breathe new life into your digital marketing and online presence.

In today’s market, customers are looking for much more than a product or a service: they are looking for an experience. Social media can be used to unite your target audience with your business, building a community and encouraging that audience to engage with your profile and posts. Through likes, comments and shares, engagement allows you to build a relationship with your audience, and ultimately convert followers into active clients and customers.

Attracting the interest of potential customers is all very well, but how do you push them through to that final conversion phase? This is where social media marketing comes in, with the most effective strategies using a combination of content styles, paid advertising, and specific campaigns to attract, draw in, and drive followers to click through to your website.

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