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Creating Mobile-Friendly Content

Abigail Garland
03 Dec 2020

When we think about social media, we often hear that the most important thing to focus on is making content appropriate for the audience and the specific platform. But what about the device that we and our audience are browsing on?

Phones, tablets, laptops, computers… even televisions and smart watches. All of these are perfectly viable ways that your target audience might be accessing your content – and so understanding how to keep your visuals optimised for those different devices is key to social success. Here are our four tips to creating social content which is as great for mobile as it is for a laptop screen.

1. Focus on how each platform posts images. On Instagram, keep your feed content square, and your Stories content vertical, for optimised viewing on a smartphone.

2. Choose simple images that focus on one thing. This could be a spotlight product, a service, or even your logo or a single word defining your brand.

3. If you choose to post videos, keep them short and sweet. Remember that those browsing their social media on a mobile device are likely on the move or about to move onto a new activity, and so are far more likely to engage with something they can watch in seconds rather than minutes. If you do have a longer video to post, use the IGTV added to the platform in 2020.

4. Add text and subtitles to videos so that they can be watched and understood without sound. Not only does this make your videos great for social situations, but it also makes them more accessible for those who may not be able to hear or understand the video completely.

Some of the most effective social campaigns which work across multiple devices and platforms are those with the simplest visuals and the most obvious messages. Remember not to lose your overall goal in a complex campaign – keep it simple!